Breaking News

We give your team an opportunity to prepare, create and execute a live broadcast TV news broadcast. Complete with a studio, cameras, news anchors and field reporters, your team will become real life news cast reporting on matters that are related directly to your business. This is a team building event like no other.

Survivor Challenge

As survivors of a plane crash, lost on a deserted island, delegates will be tested to see if they can indeed work together to survive. Taken out of their comfort zone, it is up to the team to collaborate to succeed.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Creativity; Communication; Trust; Initiative; Team Spirit

Cocktail Kreativ

Teams will be given a chance to design, build and taste their very own delicious cocktail. Cocktail Kreativ is ideal to get to know your colleagues a bit better “over drinks”. All ingredients and equipment provided in order for you to have a ball.
Outcomes: Creativity; Fun

Master Chef

This is a fun and creative activity to get the team to combine their culinary skills in order to produce a delicious meal. Teams will cook and serve a three course meal. Unleash your creativity. Each dish will be judged on presentation, creativity and taste. Ready, Steady, Cook!
Outcomes: Creativity, Teamwork; Communication; Fun

Potjie Master

A popular culinary teambuilding product. Teams will be given a bag of mystery ingredients and all equipment to be used. Their task is simple: create the tastiest and most tantalising potjiekos meal. Bring on the aprons, our judges are ready….and hungry!
Outcomes: Creativity, Teamwork; Communication; Fun

Movie Maker

We bring Hollywood home! Imagine making your own movie. Yes, delegates will get the opportunity to plan and execute a short themed film. There will be actors, director, producer, storyboard compiler, cameraman or woman. Each member of a team will be assigned a role to ensure that the team produces a classy and punchy movie for the red carpet.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Creativity; Communication; Fun

Arty Farty

Be the next Picaso! Arty Farty lets your team tell a story through art. Delegates will be given an opportunity to put their company vision on canvas. Tell a story of the company’s history, it’s current goals and it’s future in paint. Showcase a common goal of your company’s mission and vision alike.
Outcomes: Creativity; Teamwork; Communication; Team Spirit; Fun

Mission: Shelter

A great corporate social responsibility project. Mission: Shelter lets your team build a Wendy House to be donated to charity. The team will be fully involved in the construction of the shelter. Each team will be tasked with creatively decorating the house to make as homely as possible.
Outcomes: Creativity; Teamwork; Fun


Teams will be given an opportunity to perfect a beat. Each delegate will get a drum and a short course on how to produce an African beat. Watch as your people create their own company rhythm they will not soon forget.
Outcomes: Synergy; Teamwork; Co-ordination; Team spirit; Fun