The Amazing Race

Based on the TV show with the same name, The Amazing Race puts delegates in a spot where they will discover a few things they did not know about themselves and their team mates. Clues will be your guide, and you will have to complete challenges and work together to make sure your team comes out on top.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Time Management; Competitiveness; Fun

Minute to Win It

A powerful challenge to get your team going! Delegates will complete in 10 challenges, each with its own pros and cons. Made up of regular household items, challenges will have a 60 second time frame. Complete the challenge and accumulate points for your team.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Time Management; Competitiveness; Fun

Around the World in 80 Minutes

We have all fantasised about a trip around the world at some point in our lives. We give delegates that opportunity, so to speak. Delegates will visit set countries to experience their famous activity, and to taste their well-known food or beverage.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Competition; Communication; Fun

Fun Days

Let the office play for the day! Fun Corporate days are designed to let your team relax and have fun away from the office. We organise, plan and deliver some of best Fun days this side of the Equator. Tailor made to suit your needs and the needs of your people.
Outcomes: Fun

The Quiz Game Show

Much like a TV quiz show, we give teams the opportunity to go head to head in this thrilling general knowledge game show. Teams will need to work together in answering cleverly put questions on screen using response voting devices.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Communication; Team Spirit; Fun