180 Degrees: From Good to Great

We believe that there is no such thing as a bad team. We believe that teams are good, with an opportunity to be great. 180 degrees is a 3 day intervention to really bring teams together as one. Set in a remote area in Limpopo province, delegates will be taken on an emotional roller-coaster, testing their ability to solve problems and function as a unit at the workplace. 180 degrees sets apart a PowerPoint presentation course, as it focuses more on experiential education and practical way of learning. A great way for your team to manage the so ever-changing world.
Outcomes: Teamwork, Change; Communication

Scandal: The Early Edition

We give delegates a rare opportunity to become journalists. We will task teams in creating a quality, driven and informative newspaper about their company goals. Based in the future, the newspaper will outline the future achievements of the company in the next 24 months, an ideal scene put on paper in black and white.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Time Management; Communication; Delegation

Adapt or Die

Teams are given a number of challenges to complete against the clock. This intervention is designed to enhance leadership, teamwork and attitude. We base challenges on everyday situations that may arise whether at home or at work, and we coach delegates on how to overcome these challenges.
Outcomes: Teamwork; Delegation; Change; Communication; Time Management